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ICON started off with our main focus on civil infrastructure services projects with expertise and experience which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Proven experience in residential, township and golf course developments ranging from geometric design of roads, stormwater management and the design of water and sewer reticulation services.
  • Specialising in civil engineering services around commercial, retail and industrial building projects.
  • Providing specialised stormwater management plans including stormwater quality and quantity modeling as and when required by the local council as per their new regulations
  • Services master planning
  • Providing 3D modeling of earthworks platforms, roads and services for a visual insight into the development and accurate realisation of volumes and quantities
  • Tender and contract documentation including the site monitoring of contractors on site

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ICON initially started with experience only in smaller residential, retail and commercial development projects. ICON recently expanded the structural division to accommodate a growing number of large scale structural projects that our clients are undertaking in the commercial and industrial sector and provide the following structural service:

  • Reinforced concrete design of foundations, columns, beams and slabs for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
  • Structural steel design for large commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Engineering surveys on existing structures to determine and provide advice on structural integrity for alterations and additions.

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ICON´s experience is mainly in civil engineering project management but it has experience in undertaking the management process of a number of Environmental applications in South Africa. ICON´s project management involvement can be designed to suit a project or client's specific requirements and ranges from a basic monitoring service of other consultants to a full due diligence process, cost management and professional team management solution.